Weather Data Zeuthen

    At DESY in Zeuthen a weather station has continuously been taking data since 2004. This Data can be inspected via Cosmic@Web. Because the rate of cosmic particles depends on different weather conditions such as the atmospheric pressure or even the temperature, the data of the cosmic particle experiments installed in Zeuthen can be evaluated in consideration of changes in the weather.
    Furthermore the environmental differences for DESY, in mid-europe, Neumayer III, in the Antarctic and the research vessel Polarstern, which crosses all latitudes, can be illustrated and compared.

    Data Structure

      The weather data available via Cosmic@Web contains the following variables: time, atmospheric pressure, temperature (inside, outside), dew point temperature, wind direction and velocity, amount of rain. More detailed information is given in the description of the dataset.

      Possible Student Exercises

      • Investigate the existing dependencies between weather data and time of the year.
      • Compare the data for different years from 2004 onwards.
      • Investigation of the dependency of the cosmic particle rate on weather conditions (since 2010).
      • Compare the weather data of Zeuthen with those taken at the same time on the "Polarstern" and the Neumayer Station III (since 2012).

      Example Diagrams

        At the Cosmic@Web website example diagrams can be loaded using the Session-ID Weatherdata-Zeuthen.

        Comparison of Temperatures